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ARC Consulting provides Evaluations and independent Appraisal Review services for banks. We have over 45 years combined experience as ‘Market Participants’ interacting daily with buyers and sellers of Commercial and Residential Properties. Our clients rely on our real world experience to help them navigate the current difficult environment.

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As active real estate professionals who read and review reports prepared by licensed appraisers, we have a unique perspective when it comes to valuing a commercial or residential property.


Our clients benefit from our access to comparable sales data that cannot be found on the MLS or Commercial Property Exchanges used by our peers. We provide a detailed and easy to understand estimate of the current market value for residential and commercial properties.


We have evaluated a wide range of properties including: Motels, Inns, Industrial Buildings, Retail, Mixed-Use, Land with Approvals, RV Parks, Boys and Girls Clubs, Summer Camps, Multi-Family, and Single Family Homes. We have tailored or reports to meet the Interagency Guidelines released December 2, 2010.

Appraisal Review
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We have reviewed hundreds of professional appraisals on properties located in: Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Florida. The property types include: Raw Land, Single Family Homes, Multi-Family, Golf Courses, Resorts, Hospitality, Sub-Divisions, Mixed-Use, Industrial, Large Scale Retail, Boat Yards and Restaurants.

We have developed a detailed and thorough review process that helps us identify problems relating to USPAP compliance and the value reported. We have identified errors that could impact value in excess of $1.5 million dollars, and regularly read reports that do not comply with the most recent version of USPAP. The Appraisal Institute has been invaluable to us in clarifying issues relating to compliance.

Our clients have found our independent, on-demand service to be the most cost-effective solution to ensuring that the values they are lending on are sound and conform to the current USPAP standards. Our first-hand experience with buyers in the current market helps us identify values that may be out of step with the times.


Help our clients make informed decisions, based on the best information available.

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